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Panda - Tech is an Israeli software house founded in 2006 and specializing in complex and multi-functional systems.

Panda-Tech has many years of experience in model-driven development and model-based system engineering as well as the establishment and operation of engineering teams, systems and software for multi-disciplinary systems.

Most organizations still manage complex development processes through documents, leading to inconsistencies between the various documents produced in the development process and cause a difficult problem in managing changes in projects. Panda Tech has developed and implemented a unique methodology for systems engineering processes in order to institutionalize development processes into one organizational technology infrastructure. Panda Tech specializes in institutionalizing development processes for all stages of safety software systems, experimental systems, airborne and ground systems in a wide range of platforms.

Panda Tech specializes in a variety of platforms, software languages and technologies, including: real-time development and embedded systems, safety software systems, communications systems, drivers and cards, design and installation of integration and operation laboratories and a variety of solutions to the complex systems world

In order to provide our customers with high-quality solutions at the highest level, we base our solutions on the concept of model-driven architecture (MDA - Model Driven Architecture). This is a long-standing standard of the OMG - Object Management Group and is based on the use of UML - Unified Modeling Language.

Panda Tech is an official representative of Sparx Systems in Israel and is a development center for the infrastructure of the tool in Israel.

Do you feel that your development processes are complex and the results are not satisfactory? Do you feel that if you had a more systematic and targeted method, then the products would be better and the customer would get better value? If so, you are welcomed to invite us to present our solution in order to improve the development process. Please Contact us.

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  • For security projects, software development engineers are required in C and / or C ++ A relevant bachelor's degree or towards the completion of a degree - an advantage Experience in C language development - over 5 years Experience in C ++ development - over 5 years Significant experience in developing military / security systems Experience in work teams with management...

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  • For security projects, qualified system engineers are required.B.Sc. in Electronics / Computer Engineering - a mustMaster of Science in Systems Engineering - an advantage.Writing requirements specifications and various system engineering documentsExperience in writing system, tests and integrations.Work with subcontractorsIntegration of testing facilities with tested units, installations...

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  • B.Sc. in Engineering or Computer ScienceAnalysis of organizational processes in the body Development of software-based systems.Examining the compatibility of software tools to support and automate processes, and implementation of tools (DevOps).Experience in the characterization and assimilation of tools supporting the development of software and systemsKnowledge of ALM tools and configuration...

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  • For security projects, real-time testing engineers are requiredWith proven experience in testing complex systems.B.Sc. in Computer Science / Software EngineeringExperience in reading and writing software C, C ++Familiarity with system engineering documents and software documents - SRS, SSSWriting standard test documents - STP, STDManual testing of multi-disciplinary systems.Extensive background...

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  • At least 3 years of experience in handling data security and data communications products - mandatory. Experience in setting up maintenance and setup of FW Check Point.  A proven general ability to set up and configure communications and information of security systems.  Proven communication experience that includes settings in Cisco equipment.  SLLVPN LINKPROF,...

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  • For security projects, algorithms engineers needed with expertise in image processing. Preference is given to holders of a master's degree or in the process of studying a master's degree in the field of image processing At least 3 years experience in developing image processing algorithms. Specialization in image processing and computer vision A member of an algorithm...

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  • For security projects, software development engineers in C # are required  At least 3 years experience in developing systems in C # / .NET environment.  A relevant bachelor's degree or towards the completion of a degree - an advantage  Experience in asynchronous and mutli threaded programming  Significant experience working with WCF, WPF  Introducing...

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  • For security projects, real-time testing engineers are required  With proven experience in testing complex systems.  B.Sc. in Computer Science / Software Engineering  Have a good background in electronics.  DSP Developer for Integrated Cards.  Familiarity with working on TI  Experience with FPGA - an advantage  Writing...

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  • For security projects, integration testing engineers are required.With proven experience in complex systems integration.Significant experience in multidisciplinary systems.Knowledge of laboratory tools and combinations - Logic, Scope, Signal GeneratorExperience in integrating electronic systemsControl reading and understanding of drawingsExperience in work teams with management tools and...

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  • The article was written by Avishay Leibenson, co-CEO of Panda Tech, 25.6.2017

    5 Key Problems in Process Management Quality developmentIn any organization that develops software projects or software products, there is a use in the standard development stages of standard development documents in the process, such as a system requirements document, a system architecture document, a software requirements document, and a software testing document.  Each of...

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  • written by Avishay Leibenson, CEO of Panda Tech

    Implementation of Stage A in the Enterprise Architect implementation project in a large security organization in Israel:A few months ago we began implementing SPARX Enterprise Architect implementation project in a large security organization. The work began after a long process of examination by the managers of the organization, whether they are going on and proceed and what is required of...

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  • Written by Levi Davish, Customer Experience Manager at Panda Tech

    We have recently successfully completed the development of computer testing software for maintenance purposes. This computer is the heart of a multi-interface system the computer should test. The Panda-Tech team played a crucial role in all phases of the project, from the definition of system requirements, through interface design, definition of requirements to the subsystems, participation...

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  • Written by Avishay Leibenson, CEO of Panda Tech

    In most of the projects in Israel, no operational characterization is performed at all. In other cases, the project's operational characterization is performed using Word documents. There are a number of drawbacks to the existing method. Among other things, the relationship between the operational customer and the body that develops the system is loose. Following the loose connection,...

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  • Written by Avishay Leibenson, CEO of Panda Tech

    Process design and testing using modelsBackgroundIn the field of testing, all the solutions that exist today are based on the writing of test planning documents in Word by a testing person. The test planning documents are usually very long and illegible and prevent a real ability to pass through them and examine their proper condition. The development environment is dynamic and constantly...

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