Model Driven Testing

Model driven tests are based on models that in previous steps were performed using models driven architecture system. Assuming the system engineering phase was carried out using models, you can use the indicated base installed in system engineering and verify the system using models that define it. The solution enables the system to link the system processes to testing planning processes and enables you to design testing for complete system or for specific change. The savings of using this method is significant because the tests directly linked to the system design and are made on the basis of precise planning models. In addition, when needed to test a certain change in the system, the process is relatively simple. The connections between the test model and the system model allow to easily locating the necessary tests to check specific change.

Document production

Every project requires documents as a product. It is likely to meet a certain standard of documents, for example: MIL-STD-498. The method we use is to understand the language of the organization and to build a suitable language (Domain Specific Language) that allows for more convenient work and is adapted to the language of the organization. The documents will also be printed according to the desired formats.


The solution enables the automatic production of formal test documents, reports and test sections according to fixed organizational patterns. In addition to each test scenario there is a configuration management and different system test scripts can be produced according to different system versions or different clients.

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