Model Driven Architecture

Just as you build a building with a collection of drawings that connect to each other, so the building complex systems by modeling; a collection of drawings with connections between them.

Model-driven architecture put in the organization centers the drawings and models.

Models are visual language that uses shapes and the relationships between them.

The aim of the solution is to provide a common language and a link between the various entities based on a common platform and to allow information overflow to board vital decisions.

Model-Driven Architecture changes radically the working method of the existing development body. If until now you dealt through documents and through discussions, the solution allows the construction of a series of visual models, each of which presents one aspect of the system. All aspects are linked together.

Our solution is based on OMG organization's techniques and methodologies and on Sparx technological infrastructure represented in Israel by Panda-tech Company. Sparx infrastructure is installed in over 300,000 end-users worldwide.

When working with Model-Driven Architecture, we design the developed system in a series of models that are connected to each other.

As a result of organizing the information in an orderly manner according to clear architecture, it's relatively easy to automatically generate documents from tools and to focus only on system planning itself.

Managers can understand and analyze better the status of the project. No more relying on statements of workers and discussions, but on the facts existing in modeling tool.

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