Business & Operational Modeling

Business & Operational Modeling

Usually, operational Analysis is performed by writing documents. The main drawback is that the processes of the system are not clear to the development body and therefore usually the developed system is not the system the customer asked for. More ever, there is a real difficulty to monitor the implementation requirements by the supplier.

Our solution enables you to perform system purposes modeling, system requirements and system processes to be linked to each other and to be able to analyze the system optimally in the early stages of the operational requirements.

The solution addresses a variety of existing customer needs and development provider, from requirements definition, process definition and system-level on a detailed level, setting up users, the system's operational entities, and thanks setting operational modes, the definition of interfaces between operational processes officials.

The solution includes traceability matrices derived mechanically from the accumulated knowledge tool. Can be applied in combination with common requirements management tool - Doors IBM, Team System. The solution includes versioning and Baselines.

If the client is a large organization, we will build a foundation of operational components reused to facilitate the analysis of the system in any new project.


Production of documents

For each step in the project engineering documents required. It is likely required to meet certain standards of documents, for example: MIL-STD-498. The method we use it is to understand the language of the organization and build appropriate language (Domain Specific Language) that allows an easier job and fits the organization's language. The same documents will be in accordance with the desired formats.

The solution includes the ability to produce operational requirements documents automated tool, according to the desired format.

The solution includes traceable matrices between operational requirements and operational processes and matrices between operational requirements and system testing, between operational requirements and engineering requirements and more.

The solution enables automatic production of formal operational documents, reports and sections according to fixed templates. You can create different document versions of the system in accordance with the different systems versions or different clients of the same system.

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