Independent Testing

What is the independent testing?

  • Model IV & V increased as a requirement of the Ministry of Defense safety valves
  • Requirement for integrating an independent testing body away from development
  • Monitoring performance of safety systems
  • Safety testing of software
  • Performing work while access to information and operational measures

Why regular checkups not good enough?

  • System and software testing carried out by a development body
  • The development body is committed to business goals to its objectives
  • The development body is titled to success – check the system performs the task
  • The development body is not verifying that things that are not supposed to occur are occurring. In critical systems this element is central in maintaining the system

Key benefits

  • Independent key team (without business interests and considerations of development) focus on customer requirements
  • Focus on safety
  • Examination of critical paths in the system
  • Significant increase in the nominal orbits coverage
  • The approach to testing and diagnosis is different and independent from the manufacturer

Points in the development process involving the external test team

These are the milestones of the external test team reference of the during the project life:

  • System Requirements
  • Design system and sub system reviews
  • High design / detailed
  • Versions for review
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • System experiments


The work process carried out by Panda Tech external test team:

Handling customer requirements and system requirements


Step One - Entry requirements management tool

  • All customer requirements
  • All key requirements
  • Non functional demands

Step Two – Producing comparison matrices between the requirements detection of:

  • Missing Requirements
  • Surplus / redundant Requirements
  • Requirements without full coverage
  • Key requirements with an incorrect understanding of the customer "spirit"

System design – Exam points

  • Examination of operating scenarios / processes in relation to:
  • Functional requirements of the system
  • Requirements of system interfaces
  • System non functional demands
  • Examination system versus safety criteria
  • Examining the processes of positive aspects / negative and edge conditions
  • Analysis Interfaces
  • Depth analysis for critical system components
  • Emphasis on maximum coverage of trees on every critical function options
  • Test requirements coverage (full traceability)
  • Testing optimal application requirements (covering all possible scenarios)
  • Designing tests laid operating scenarios

Designing tests

  • Designing tests according to customer and supplier documents
  • Designing Safety testing to critical processes
  • Link each project phase while making full traceability with the development process and previous tests

Tests for safety systems:

  • Safety trees analysis software.
  • Prioritize testing by safety standards.
  • Code analysis according to safety standards in the field. For instance MISRA.
  • Analysis of recordings and logs.

White box testing

  • Development of dedicated testing tools
  • Dynamic testing software
  • Tests using static analysis tools

Black box testing

  • The tests are based on functional definitions of the system / sub-system with respect to requirement' documents and specification documents

Why external Panda Tech testing team?

  • The company is a focus of knowledge of high-risk information systems development.
  • The Company has national knowledge Centers for software safety software and experience with multi-peripheral systems.
  • Excellent reviews of customers operating such a model of external testing team.